Recording, Production & Artist Development

There is a lot more to being an artist than writing a great song. A well produced record is what is needed to set yourself apart fom the rest. At Asheville Records, we are very passionate about music and do our best to instill that passion in our artists' recordings. That's one of the biggest differences you'll find with our label.

Whatever your goals are as an artist, you can count on our guidence to help you get there. It's about providing you with personal attention and constructive criticism - that's how you make gains and get to be a better artist. Making great records is the goal and it should be fun along the way.

  • Recording $35 hr
  • Rehearsal $20 hr
  • Production $75 hr
  • Rooms Equipped
  • Engineer Included

Equipment List

ProTools HD - AKG C-12 - Neumann 87 - Marshall - Gibson - Fender - Mesa Boogie - Ludwig - Yamaha - Focal - Kemper -GML -Distressor - API - SSL - Helios -Manley - Lexicon - Shure - Avalon - TC Electronic - MOOG - Boss - Senheiser - Roland

Neve - Jamaxe - Guild - Rickenbacker - Martin - Morley - MXR - Ampeg - Apogee - Apple -